Aquatic Journey

Last year’s field trip was more about entertainment than our education,but the Dallas Aquarium is,and can be a rejoicing and educational experience for all students.From walking through a 20,000 gallon tank filled with flashy fish to education at the tip of your finger.

As far as education goes there is loads of entertainment.Along some areas of the aquarium there is native songs,and dances.When I was there they had a dance with Native American music,songs,and even clothes.Watch your feet from those crazy dances.You may also interact with baby stingrays in a small pond.They provide some hand sanitizer afterwards,and some lively facts.Be careful were you touch the hovering rays.The aquarium can be merry for all ages.The playful colors of the aquarium can enlight our moods.There is also diverting little games,like name that animal.

Here at the Dallas Aquarium there is tons of factual information.You can learn about all aquatic animals with a pamphlet.In the pamphlet there is a great portion of the animals with a decent summary.There is a large tunnle that allows you to learn obout the colorful,and vibrant fish.You observe the habitat,and learn what they do with the tour guide.The tank is also filled with 20.000 gallons of water!Your pamphlet only has so much information,but the tablets there have neverending facts about one single animal.

The Dallas Aquarium can enrich our students to learn and provide quiet entertainment.We can learn about aquatic life in minutes.


The Austin Fair

The Austin Fair


Here we are

at the Austin Fair

riding all the rides


going everywhere


on a cool

chili day

the wind splashes

on my face


running to the

next ride

with my sister

its like a



its been fun

but we have to go

the employes

their have




Snow day!



Its finally here

in Texas the weather can be quiet


but now the snow so white and fluffy

my dog is always so huffy and puffy


Splat a snowball just hit me like that

bend down getting ammo of my own

to realize there was no shadow of my own


When I looked behind me there was my sister

ready to plunk me

Bam snow all around and beside me

wet as a dog I am done for the day

but when I woke up today

I had realized now has gone away

The One I Love

On the way to my dads house we spot two adults in a red truck on the side of the road meanwhile,nowhere for the to go.My dad pulled up right in front of them there to help.My dad is the person that is trustworthy,goes out of his way to help another person and cheer the m up even when he is feeling down.He is someone I could not live without.

Trustworthy as the dad he is I can tell him any secret in the world.Our everlasting friendship is built on respect,and trust.For years I’ve told him all my thoughts that have puled our relationship closer closer.Still till this day we can still respect one another and trust one another.

My dad always knows how to cheer me up when I feel down,or upset.He will be there for me in the dark times. immediately when he sees someone in help he will go cheer him/her up.Somehow he finds a way to comfort one another.

Once my dad gave them some gas for their truck they said ”God bless you”,and we continued to the house.I’m so thankful for the dad that loves who loves who I was created by by and how trustworthy ,and joyful he is.I don’t know what I would do without his love ,and help.

Playing Outside With My Family On New Years

Ding 12:00 o’clock as every one shouted Happy New Years as me and my cousin were playing on my Xbox, I heard my dad’s voice thunder from the backyard come out and play with your sister! My cousin looked at me and said,”I have an idea.”We both dropped our controllers to a game we were recently playing.I let him lead the way as I followed.We took my sister and put glasses on her,my cousin,and me.Then we asked if my family wanted to play as well.Their reply was yes,so we got them glasses and we made forts,and got some poppers and I counted done 1..2..3 GO! As soon as I said Go I raced behind a rusty old car as the poppers zoomed and whistled pass me.I reached in a little pack of poppers,scooped a hand full and junked them all at once,pop pop pop the sound of them hitting the ground and my sisters toe.It sounded like we were having a gun showdown.After we were done my dad said,”clean up”as it echoed the neighborhood
Approximately 30 minutes later after cleaning we all served our selves a warm dinner with beans, rice, ham ,and rolls.I asked my sister if she liked the ham,and as I look over her shoving it in her mouth.
When we finished dinner we popped the real fire works such as the Bobcat,and the ultimate Big Boom.My dad first took the Bobcat and set it between rocks so it wouldn’t fall over and hit a car or person.He lit it and imminently ran a couple feet away,just as he turned around BOOM!The firework took of and twirled in the air and shot out miniature fireworks in purple,blue,and green.Making the shape of a flower or blade.Next the Big Boom we all thought it would do the same as the other firework we had know idea what was going to happen next.SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP as It smacked my dads leg with a big red spot.When we finished with the fireworks we treated my dads leg and called it a night.
I may of not been on the Xbox or the Ps3 but i certainly wad playing a game.Playing outside with my family was the best New Years i’ve ever had.Get out of the house play,and get creative.

Gerald Ford

                     He had a close-knit family,and three brothers

                              Born on July 14,1913 in Nebraska

                                         Served t5he Navy

                                             Gerald Ford

                                         Our  38th president

                                Got interested in political life

                          Loved to play sports in high-school

   Attended the republic convention at Philadelphia in the 1940’s

My top three events in 2013

In 2013 my top 3 events were special to me.The first event that happened to me in 2013 was when my dog died.It was a normal day at school.When I got off the bus,we drove to my grandmas.My sister asked why are we going to grandmas?Soon my mom answered in tears the dog died.Then the car was silent.When we got there my grandpa had buried her under a cross.That day was a sad day for my family.About 11 months later it was Christmas!My whole family gathered together at my grandmas house.We had the best Christmas party yet.My cousins and I played board games,and played kickball in the cold weather.The final special event that happened to me,is when I went to my dads house for the New years.He invited everyone to his house.We played games,and had a huge camp fire in the back yard making smore’s.My goals for this year is to become a smarter than this year.To do that I will do extra studying.I also want to get out of the house more.I’ll try to do that by playing less video games.The next goal I want to share with you is to stop picking on my sister,and the only way I can make this happen is just I have to try.I have also been interested in this book called Warriors.

Pearl Harbor

President Roosevelt at that time.

Early that morning bombs shattered the air.

Alert from Japan to join World war 2.

Running for cover to save their lives.

Lots of Japanese pilots flying in the air.

Heavy bombs dropping from planes up high

Attacked on our soil.

Roosevelt saying this day will last in infamy.

Brave men and women killed on that day.

Our nation attacked but are spirit unbroken.

Red, white and blue and freedom for you