The One I Love

On the way to my dads house we spot two adults in a red truck on the side of the road meanwhile,nowhere for the to go.My dad pulled up right in front of them there to help.My dad is the person that is trustworthy,goes out of his way to help another person and cheer the m up even when he is feeling down.He is someone I could not live without.

Trustworthy as the dad he is I can tell him any secret in the world.Our everlasting friendship is built on respect,and trust.For years I’ve told him all my thoughts that have puled our relationship closer closer.Still till this day we can still respect one another and trust one another.

My dad always knows how to cheer me up when I feel down,or upset.He will be there for me in the dark times. immediately when he sees someone in help he will go cheer him/her up.Somehow he finds a way to comfort one another.

Once my dad gave them some gas for their truck they said ”God bless you”,and we continued to the house.I’m so thankful for the dad that loves who loves who I was created by by and how trustworthy ,and joyful he is.I don’t know what I would do without his love ,and help.

Gerald Ford

                     He had a close-knit family,and three brothers

                              Born on July 14,1913 in Nebraska

                                         Served t5he Navy

                                             Gerald Ford

                                         Our  38th president

                                Got interested in political life

                          Loved to play sports in high-school

   Attended the republic convention at Philadelphia in the 1940’s

Pearl Harbor

President Roosevelt at that time.

Early that morning bombs shattered the air.

Alert from Japan to join World war 2.

Running for cover to save their lives.

Lots of Japanese pilots flying in the air.

Heavy bombs dropping from planes up high

Attacked on our soil.

Roosevelt saying this day will last in infamy.

Brave men and women killed on that day.

Our nation attacked but are spirit unbroken.

Red, white and blue and freedom for you

Jamestown or Plymouth

John smith was the leader of the colony

Attracting more people

Most of the men died during the winter

English started a new company calling it the Virginia company

Servents were often beaten to death

Tobacco was there first cash crop

One year 82 out of the 120 colonist were dead

When the first winter set in most of the men died

North America




I whould live in Jamestown rather than Plymouth because with the trading going on with John Smith ,and chief Powhatan for corn.Which gives us food to eat.We would also be whealthy because of our first cash crop (Tobacco)