Computer Problems

“Come on, come on, come on, transfer the file! Have you ever tried to feed food to your dog directly, and it rejects the food , but moments later the whole bowl is empty.Well this was my situation.The file on my computer is like a dog,for how much you try they both repel the command you give them.The program i’m using to edit the wedding video is distinct,troublesome,and the layout is very complex for a $10 software editor.
Let’s start with the complex,and irritating file.It just wouldn’t work,until I found a way by transferring it by using an HDMI cable to a power box,and then to the pc.Now my actual supreme problem that established this story is my inexperienced knowledge for this software editor.While I was grasping the idea how to work this program I would soon realize that everything Iv’e designed in the video would later be destroyed.Meanwhile i’m over in my broken down wooden chair struggling,and trying to review the video,and make sure everything is in place.Why not grab a quick drink I thought soon to realize that was a big mistake.When I came back in displeasure to quickly realize my dog has stepped,and disconnected the file from my computer.Remember how the file is like a dog,for I gave a command,and it would not always accept it,but then everything was gone.Well this was another example of of the dog,and the file.
I’m happy to tell you that I did find a way to transfer the file again,and was able to make the video similar as the last attempt.Now I know to finish.,and finish strong the first time.

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